Sunday, October 30, 2011 it time to check it?


     The video was filmed on the dance floor of a club in a nearby city.  At the time this video was shot, I realized something was missing from my life.  It was life itself.  To get to this dance area you have to climb some stairs, or you can take the elevator.  I prefer the stairs, simply because I believe that stairs are a metaphor for life.  Whenever I find myself on stairs of any kind, I am drawn to a place of brief introspection.  How am I doing on this journey?  Where am I at on the "stair way" of my life?  This just gives me a momentary break to relive, revisit, and readjust.  It's quick....I don't just stop on the stairs and ponder...I have to keep moving...such is life.

     As we climbed the stairs to the dance floor, you could feel a thump in the air...almost an electrical charge.  Standing outside the double doors and as they swing open, you suddenly  like what a moth might feel like towards a uncontrollable attraction...frightening but still moving forward.  Suddenly your thrust into a world of dizzying light patterns and deep penetrating bass.  The senses become heightened, the pulse rate raises, and you can't help but start to move your body.

    During the video, in the audio...if you listen 00:00:06 on the player can hear a friend of mine yell at me... She says:  "Come on gotta dance..."   ..........     ..........

     When she said that to me....I was screaming in my head.... "I KNOW!!!  I KNOW!!!  What's wrong with me?  I am freaking dead!"  I had to dig deep down to find it...the life...the pulse.  It had been so long since I felt the warmth of my lifeblood start to fill my extremities that I felt as though I was going to pass out for a minute or two.  I had a few drinks as well, so let's blame it on the aa aa aa  aa a alcohol. 

     My feet began to move.  Oddly at first, but move they did.  I could feel the beat permeating my body.  In my mind, I saw years worth of plaque and mortar start to crack and crumble away.  It was back.  My pulse.  It had been missing for a few years now.  Now begins the journey to rebuild the arterial tracks of my life to assure the pulse doesn't stop until the music stops.  And, I don't know about you, but I don't see that music stopping for a long long long time. 

     Click play again....close your eyes....check your pulse.  YOU GOTTA DANCE!!!